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In Barcelona Private Tours we have different types of private tours, not only in Barcelona, but also in its surroundings. One of the most demanded is the Costa Brava. Our Costa Brava Private Tours service is the best way to get to know one of the destinations with the most things to see and do in Spain. A destination with beautiful fishing villages and beaches with a unique beauty that you can not miss. The tourist growth in the Costa Brava is increasing, know everything we have prepared and the available options we have for you. Contact us.

Offers of Snorkel Tours Costa Brava available

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Costa Brava Private Tours: What can we see?

The Costa Brava is one of the perfect destinations for different types of activities, from visits to historical sites or monuments, cultural tours or gastronomic routes, our experts have the best prepared for you and here we tell you what are the best things to see or do on the Costa Brava:

Visit to Tossa de Mar

We take you to know one of the destinations with the best beaches and coves of the Costa Brava, a place to enjoy with family and / or friends. A walk through its streets allows you to enjoy and learn about its history and art. Know what to see in Tossa de Mar.

Visit to Cadaqués

Undoubtedly one of the best medieval villages on the Costa Brava, one that definitely has a great history, culture and is a must on our private tours. Gastronomic, cultural and historical visits will be our dish of the day.


For lovers of museums, history and culture, during our tours of the Costa Brava, we offer a visit to the main points of interest such as the Dalí Theater-Museum, its old medieval walls and the castle of Ferran; a place to admire.


During our tours we always recommend visiting the medieval village of Besalú, one of the best preserved villages in Spain; with different historical points that you can not miss as the Romanesque Bridge, see the Fluviá River, among others.


One of the towns of the Costa Brava with more beaches and coves that enchant visitors, in Empúries you can perform various water activities, especially to enjoy with family and friends, definitely a worthwhile stop.


Located a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, is the town of Pals, a beautiful village with great medieval essence. Take a private tour with our experts and walk through its cobblestone streets that are full of all the history and culture that surround it.

Costa Brava Private Tours: Types of tours we offer

We have different types of options to offer our clients, each of them designed to meet the demands of each one. Among the different types of private tours we offer are:

Costa Brava Tailor-made private tours

We offer tailor-made tours of the Costa Brava; customize your tours with one of our experts, and enjoy at your own pace all that the province has to offer.

Costa Brava Private Tours for Small Groups

We have the necessary elements to offer a quality service, mobilizing small groups of people, by the main points of interest both cultural, gastronomic and historical level.

Private Costa Brava Tours for Large Groups

With the help of our team and together with other people, take an unforgettable tour of the Costa Brava, we offer private tours for groups of up to 16 people, in an efficient way.

Costa Brava Luxury Private Tours

We offer private luxury tours, in which we propose routes with very interesting activities, where it is possible to see, know and enjoy environments and flavors that you will love.

Private Costa Brava walking tours

During our walking tour service, we take you to visit the most relevant and outstanding points of interest, without having to worry about renting a vehicle to get around, it will be a great adventure.

Private Tours Costa Brava by Car

A tour of the main fishing villages of the Costa Brava and its beautiful beaches, needs a vehicle, we offer a complete tour in one of our vehicles, to move without problems.

Wine Tours Costa Brava

For wine lovers, we offer our private wine tours service, to taste the most exclusive wines, from the most renowned wineries, enjoy the great variety of wines, from white wines, red wines, among others very recognized worldwide.

Gastronomy Tours Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is one of the most gastronomic destinations in Spain; we take you on a gastronomic route where you can enjoy the typical dishes of the most renowned regions, contact our experts and book with us.

Private Adventure Tours on the Costa Brava

Do you want to live a great adventure on your visit to the Costa Brava, our experts offer different types of options to make your visit unforgettable, full of incredible activities that will make you live a unique experience, among the main options we have for you are:

Snorkel Tours Costa Brava

Perform, along with one of our experts, this incredible practice of diving at water level, in one of the beaches or coves of the Costa Brava; we equip you with everything you need to fully enjoy this great experience, contemplate the animals and plants that can be seen in this particular practice.

Parachute Tours Empúries

Make one of the most exciting activities of Empúries, the parachute jump; perform this particular activity with one of our experts, who prior to the activity, will describe the different types of jumps and safety protocols to comply.

QUAD Tours Costa Brava

Enjoy an incredible route in our Quads, with our experts in the Costa Brava, a guided route in these vehicles of high displacement, will thrill you in a great way; do not miss the most beautiful views offered by the Costa Brava. Book with us.

Coasteering on the Costa Brava

We take you to do this particular adventure sport, in which you will be able to, with the help of one of our experts, dive, climb, swim and jump from the most incredible cliffs of the Costa Brava: Diving, climbing, swimming and jumping from the most incredible cliffs of the Costa Brava; live an exciting and unmissable experience with us.

Via Ferratas on the Costa Brava

Enjoy the best via ferratas in Catalonia with our specialists, do this sport activity and live a moment of adventure and nature, visiting via ferratas such as: Via Ferrata Cágate Lorito K5+, Via Ferrata Poi d’Unha K2 K3 K4.

Costa Brava Kayak Tours

We offer you an exciting kayak ride through the waters of Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava, guided by a specialist, enjoy an incredible time, in which you will live one of the best experiences. Do not wait any longer and book with us.

Costa Brava Boat Trip

Enjoy a boat trip along the Mediterranean coastline of the Costa Brava and discover the culture and history told by our expert guide, as well as enjoy the most incredible view offered by the coasts of its fishing villages.

Costa Brava Private Tours: Map with the main points of interest on the Costa Brava

Costa Brava Private Tours in your language

Enjoy the best private tours in Costa Brava in your native language. We put at your disposal a local bilingual expert, who will be in charge of describing each and every one of the points of interest that you will visit on your route; making your tour more comfortable and pleasant. Among the languages available for your tours are:

Costa Brava Private Tours in Italian

Private Tours in German

Private Tours in Portuguese

Private Tours in sign language

Why choose us for your private Costa Brava Tours?

There are many reasons to choose us, we tell you which are the main ones and the ones that make us stand out from the competition. Among the main reasons are:

Years of Experience

We have more than 10 years of experience doing all kinds of private tours in the Costa Brava, Barcelona and Spain in general. Each of the people who make up our team has the necessary experience to offer the best service in their respective areas.

Private Guides

At your disposal we place the best private guides, who are experts in all the history, culture and gastronomy of the area; who are also able to offer a service in their native language, whether in English, German, Portuguese, Italian or sign language.

Different Offers

We offer our clients a total service, in which we propose different types of tours for the Costa Brava and its surroundings, which can be combined if you prefer. Our service is completely tailor-made, so you can coordinate your routes.

Types of vehicles available for our Costa Brava Private Tours services

To make a complete tour and explore every corner of the Costa Brava, we recommend doing it in one of our vehicles, which have the most appropriate features to offer the best experience. Some of the main vehicles available for our service are:

Private Tours in Sedan vehicle

Enjoy the main points of interest of the Costa Brava in a comfortable and elegant sedan car, driven by one of our highly experienced driver-guides. Sedan cars have 4 seats available, ideal for small groups of family or friends.

Private Tours in Suv vehicle

If what you need is more space and comfort for each passenger, our SUV type vehicles are definitely the best option. We have a large fleet of vehicles that can easily cover all kinds of requirements; one of the most requested options.

Private Minivan Tours

In Barcelona Private Tours we offer our clients private tours in groups, our fleet of vehicles has minivans of different types, from 7, 8 or 9 seats; offering the greatest possible comfort to each of the users who make our tours.

Pick up point for Costa Brava Private Tours

Our commitment to our customers is total, therefore, in each of the private tours of the Costa Brava that we offer, we guarantee the pick up, from any point, in the Costa Brava itself. Once you have booked your tour, we proceed to coordinate the place of pick up, either in your hotel, home, local or any point of interest; some of the regions or provinces in which the pick up is done are:

Platja d’Aro
Tossa de Mar

Among others

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