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Montserrat, a monastery of great religious importance for Barcelona, located in the mountains, one hour northwest of the city. It is a sanctuary of Benedictine monks where its natural beauty is incredibly amazing. At Montserrat Private Tours we offer various types of private tours to get to know every corner. We have expert guides, highly qualified, to serve each client and make your walking tours more complete. If it is about private tours by car, we have a large and diverse fleet of vehicles, adapted to meet all types of groups, we are the best option to visit every site of this beautiful place, contact us.

Montserrat Private Tours: Available tour offers

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Montserrat Private Tours from Barcelona; What to see or do?

The mountain of Montserrat is one of the most spectacular natural parks and spiritual sites in Catalonia and is located 50 kilometers from Barcelona. The main places to visit are:

escalera del entendimiento

Escalera del Entendimiento in Barcelona

The well-known “Escalera del entendimiento or The Escalera al cielo”, a stone monument dedicated to Ramon Llull, contains a succession of eight stone blocks representing an element or being: The stone, the plant, the flame, the man, the animal, the sky, the angel and God.

Plaza Santa Maria in Barcelona

It is the main square that gives access to the monastery, designed by Puig i Cadafalch. From the square you can see the new facade of the monastery, built by Francesc Folguera with stone from the mountain itself. The highlights of this square are the viewpoint of five arches with representations of different saints located on the right. On the left you can see the remains of the old gothic cloister.


The Atrium of the Basilica in Barcelona

The Atrium of the Basilica is an open interior courtyard located at the main entrance of the Basilica. Five arches lead you into the main area. There is also the Ave Maria Way, a passageway filled with thousands and thousands of lighted candles. You can see an iron sculpture of St. Benedict by the sculptor Enric Monjo, located at the entrance to the part of the monastery where the monks live, an area where passage is forbidden.

The Basilica of Montserrat in Barcelona

It is a huge temple dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat (the Moreneta). Its interior has different architectural styles such as Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. Located on the left side of the basilica, the impressive organ of 4,242 pipes. Admission to the basilica is free every day from 7:00 to 19:00.

Montserrat Private Tours: Types of Tours we offer

Our primary objective is to meet the needs of each traveler, therefore we offer a variety of tour options:

Tailor-made Montserrat Private Tours

We offer several fully customized private tours, designed to meet the needs of the client, where you can design your route with one of our experts and select the points of interest you prefer.

Private Tours Montserrat for small groups

If you are traveling with your partner, friend or a small group, this is the best option to visit the different points that this incredible place has to offer, accompanied by our expert guide.

Private Tours Montserrat for large groups

We organize trips for large groups of travelers, offering ample comfort during your tour of Montserrat. Our clients will not have to worry about the logistics of transportation, accommodation, activities and more, because Barcelona Private Tours offers solutions for groups.

de lujo

Private Luxury Tours Montserrat

Enjoy the most characteristic places of Montserrat, with our expert guides, making your tours in a luxurious way.

Montserrat Private Tours by Car

We have a large fleet of vehicles available to make your car tour a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience. Enjoying the spectacular views of the place.

Montserrat Private Walking Tours

If your interest is to know Montserrat on a walking tour, we have expert guides, highly prepared, who can guide you through the history of Montserrat, and all the corners of the sanctuary.

Where can we pick you up for our Montserrat Private Tours in Barcelona?

In Barcelona Private Tours We offer our pick up service at hotels, airports, or in the surroundings of Montserrat previously agreed to facilitate the transfer in a more comfortable way, we have expert drivers on the road.

Types of vehicles available for use in the Montserrat Private Tour in Barcelona

We have a wide range of vehicles in our fleet, to guarantee excellence, quality and good service to our customers. Among the options we have for your trip we highlight:

Montserrat private tours in SUV type vehicle

Light and sporty vehicles that provide comfort and safety to passengers during their trip in Montserrat. We have available NISSAN QASHQAI, or TOYOTA RAV4, among others.


Montserrat Private Tours in Sedan Type Vehicle

Ideal for small groups of up to three people, we have spacious and comfortable vehicles with a classic, refined and elegant look, with classic bodywork and a large trunk.

Minivan Mercedes Clase V

Montserrat Private Tours in Minivan Class V

If you are planning a private tour to Montserrat with your family or group of friends with a touch of luxury, this vehicle is ideal to move around the country, maintaining the comfort and safety that each passenger deserves.

Montserrat Private Tours in Luxury Vehicles

For clients who require a higher degree of style and comfort, our fleet includes vehicles with excellent guarantees such as a Mercedes Benz S-Class. Maximum capacity of up to 3 people, enjoy your private guided tour in a car with a high degree of elegance.

Languages we can offer with our private tours Montserrat

We offer our various tours in different languages for your comfort and understanding during your visit to Montserrat. The languages we offer for the tours are the following: Spanish, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Sign Language.

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