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Antonio Gaudi was a very famous architect of Catalan origin, who throughout his best years, made works of a modern and transcendental style for the time; today, each and every one of his major works are preserved and represent a great value for the city of Barcelona. In Barcelona Private Tours, we offer our Gaudi Private Tours service, a quality service in which it is possible to make tours of all kinds, to visit these architectural works. Enjoy the walk and the view of each of the points of interest and learn the history of each of them from the voice of one of our expert guides, in charge of leading you through this unforgettable experience in the city of Barcelona.

Who was Gaudí?

Antoni Gaudí i Cornet was a Catalan architect who has been internationally recognized as one of the most prodigious experts in his discipline, as well as one of the greatest exponents of modernism. His exceptionally groundbreaking genius was the architect of a unique, personal and incomparable architectural language that is difficult to label.

Architectural Research the Gaudí

In 1870 he moved to Barcelona to study architecture while doing various jobs to pay for his studies. He was an irregular student, but he was already showing some signs of genius, which opened the door for him to work with some professors. In 1878, when he was finishing his studies at the School of Architecture, Dean Elies Rogent declared: “I do not know whether we confer this title on madmen or geniuses, time will tell.” There was no denying it. The man’s idea was not simply to repeat what he had done before, nor would he leave anyone indifferent.

The Pedrera and Sagrada Familia

Between 1906 and 1910, Pedro Milá y Camps, a lawyer, industrialist and politician, and Roser Segimon, who was part of Barcelona’s emerging bourgeoisie, commissioned Gaudí to build Casa Milà, which is now known as La Pedrera. This building belongs to his naturalist period; Gaudí was inspired for his construction by the organic forms of Nature and also provided the design with a certain dose of Baroque. On 3 November 1883 Gaudí agreed to take charge of the works on the Sagrada Familia de la Expiación, which were begun on 19 March 1882 by Francisco de Paula Villar. Gaudí completely overhauled the original project, but it wasn’t until 1915 that the temple became his greatest achievement, becoming the most famous and revered work in the world.

Casa Batlló

In 1877, Emilio Sara Cortés (one of Gaudí’s architecture professors) constructed the building that would eventually become Casa Batlló. In 1903, Josep Batlló y Casanovas, a textile industrialist who owned several factories in Barcelona and was a prominent businessman, bought the building, contacted Gaudí for the renovation and was given total freedom to carry out the project. Gaudí transformed the exterior and expanded the light, making his interior a true work of art.

Casa Vicens - Park Güell and Palau Güell

Gaudí became famous as an architect after receiving his first commission, the Torre de Vicens, a modernist building he built between 1883 and 1888. Gaudí impressed Catalan industrialist Eusebi Güell with an exhibition of modernist designs at the 1878 Paris Exposition Universelle. Comella glove shop. On his return to Barcelona he contacted the architect, with whom he struck up a long friendship and obtained fruitful patronage for the construction of the Güell Pavilion between 1883 and 1887. Güell Palace, 1886-1890; Château Güell, 1895-1901; Crypt of Colonia Güell, 1898-1914, and Park Güell, 1900-1914. His friendship with Eusebi Güell brought Gaudí closer to the Marquis of Comillas, for whom he built the Villa El Capricho in the Cantabrian town of Comillas. 1883 and 1885.

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Types of Gaudi Private Tours available from Barcelona

We offer our clients different options or alternatives, which can be combined, customized or adapted according to your time and / or requirements, this in order to meet each of the demands and expectations of those who request this service. Among the types of private tours we offer are:

Tailor-made Gaudi Private Tours

Take a tour of the main works of the architect Gaudi in Barcelona fully designed and customized for you, advised by our experts who will make the best recommendations, so you do not miss a single detail.

Gaudi Full Day Private Tours

Enjoy a totally different day in the city of Barcelona, in which you can visit the most outstanding works of Gaudí, from the Sagrada Familia, to the famous Pedrera, icons of the city; all in a full day, which will be unforgettable.

Half day Gaudi Private Tours

Gaudi’s works make Barcelona the capital of modernism, for this reason, if you are short of time, we recommend to those clients a short half day tour, in which it is possible to visit some of the works of your choice in a walking tour or by car.

Private Gaudi Walking Tours

Book with us a quiet private walking tour, through the most relevant modernist buildings of Gaudi’s work, enjoy and learn about the creativity of one of the geniuses of Catalan architecture, in a historic walk.

Gaudi Private Tours by car

For a more comfortable and complete tour for our clients and their companions, we offer our private tour service in one of our modern and safe vehicles, perfectly adapted for all types of groups, large or small.

Gaudi Private Tours in small groups

Join one of our small groups and enjoy a dynamic and entertaining tour, in which you will live the experience of getting to know the works in the city together with other people full of the same passion for learning about the great history.

What places will you visit in our Gaudi Private Tours from Barcelona?

As we have already mentioned, all our private tours through the works of Antonio Gaudí have a large number of points of interest that you cannot miss and that we will surely take you there. Among the main places we will visit are:

The Sagrada Familia

Declared a World Heritage Site in 2005, this creation of Gaudí began to be built in 1882 and with the curiosity that today it is not finished, but it represents a symbol of identity for the city of Barcelona.

Private Tours in Park Güell

Originally designed by Gaudí, it is another of those declared as a World Heritage Site, for being an emblematic point within the city; it offers, from different points, postcard-worthy views. Definitely, an essential point of the city.

Gaudi private tour to Bellesguard Tower

It is considered one of the most complex and elaborate works of Gaudí, but it keeps in itself part of the history of the city. We offer guided tours for large or small groups; it is a must-see on our route.

Gaudi Casa Milà (La Pedrera) private tour

Civil building created by Antonio Gaudí commissioned by Pere Milà and Roser Segimon, and for its curious and striking design, is known by many as “La Pedrera”, this was the last architectural work in which Gaudí worked.

Private Tour Colegio Teresiano in Barcelona

One more of the projects in which the talented architect worked, with the particularity that this project was not initiated by him, but was works of the works already started, but still you can notice Gaudi’s touch and style in every corner.

Private Tour Casa Batlló in Barcelona

Another of the great buildings designed by Gaudí that you will not miss in our private tours; it represents all the style and creativity of the architect at that time, full of shapes and colors that dazzled anyone who observed it.

Vehicles available for Gaudi private tours in Barcelona

Contamos con una de la más grande y exclusiva flota de vehículos, perfectamente adaptados y capacitados para ofrecer a nuestros clientes un cómodo y seguro servicio, sin importar el número de personas, nosotros tenemos el mejor vehículo para la ocasión. Algunos de los coches disponibles para nuestras rutas son:


Private Gaudi Tours in Sedan vehicle

With a capacity for up to 4 people, sedan or sedan type vehicles are the best option for a private tour with family or a small group of friends. In our fleet you will find different types of models that you can use for the service.

Private Gaudi Tours in SUV vehicle

Comfortable vehicle with a maximum of 6 seats available, offering enough space and comfort to all users. Enjoy your tour in a large, spacious and elegant vehicle, led by one of our driver-guides.

Minivan Mercedes Clase V

Private Gaudi minivan tours

Would you like a tour in a vehicle with capacity for all your companions? In Barcelona Private Tours we have luxury minivans of 7, 8 and 9 seats. Enjoy a comfortable tour for everyone, without problems of transfers or having to divide the group.

Gaudi Private Tours in Luxury Vehicle

For our customers who desire a higher degree of style and comfort, we have at your disposal, luxury vehicles such as our Mercedes S class, which offers the perfect comfort and style that you are looking for on the route you take.

Pick-up location for Gaudi private tours in Barcelona

We will pick you up from anywhere in the city of Barcelona; either from your hotel, home or place of residence, airports or any meeting point previously agreed at the time of booking, we will gladly pick you up to start with the route. Contact our team and make your reservation.

Gaudi Private Tours in the language of your choice

Our service adapts to the needs and requirements of each client, that is why we offer our private tours in your native language. We put at your disposal one of our bilingual guides, who will be in charge of describing each and every one of the points of interest, so that you do not miss any detail.

The languages available for the service are: German, Portuguese, Italian, English and sign language. When communicating with our team, please specify the language of your choice.

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