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DMC Barcelona: In Barcelona Private Tours we offer a professional service aimed primarily at travel agencies, both national and international. Within our team we have true specialists in handling groups, offering everyone the correct organization of all types of trips to Barcelona, design and implementation of private tours, events or activities, all types of transfers, car rental with or without driver and much more; for all this we have all the experience, knowledge and resources necessary, you can contact us with confidence, we will assist you.

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About our DMC Barcelona service

We put at the disposal of the different travel companies, all the necessary resources and required by their clients, for the greatest enjoyment and experience of their trips to Barcelona. We are one of the largest operating companies and receptive agency in the city of Barcelona, in charge of supporting other agencies with our services. We take care of the total organization of the trip and the activities in your destination, giving the tourists the opportunity to fully enjoy the city without any kind of mishap. A service designed for retail and wholesale agencies alike.

We have different types of service so that you can select and adjust to suit what may be required at the time. It is definitely a great option, to control everything your customers need, we help agencies to achieve their goals.

DMC Barcelona: outstanding services

For agencies, we offer a variety of services that facilitate the process and the organization of their clients’ activities, among the most outstanding and which you can request from us are:

Organization of all types of corporate events

One of our main services is the organization of corporate events, whether in person or virtual; we take care of everything from the beginning to the end, from the selection of the venue to the closing of the event.

Organization of group activities or Team Building

A service aimed at companies and private groups in which the goal is to unite the group through all kinds of physical activities and in closed places for more dynamic activities in which everyone can participate.

Tailor-made travel arrangements in Barcelona

We have the experience and the necessary resources to be able to prepare all types of trips tailored to each client, with destination in Barcelona and any other in Spain, we take care of hotel reservations, transfers, among others.

Accommodation reservations in Barcelona

As an organizing agency, our DMC Barcelona service, we take care of hotel reservations for companies and tourists visiting the city. We are able to book the best hotels for any number of groups.

Hiring of artists for your events

We facilitate the hiring of artists for your events, whether you require some kind of entertainment, or if you want to present a branded product, we take care of hiring it for you, we have an extensive catalog.

DMC Barcelona: What makes us stand out from the competition?

We offer agencies a great number of options, which allow them to perform each and every one of the activities to their customers, however, the main things that make us stand out from other companies are:

DMC Barcelona: Customized Attention

Each of the cases presented by travel agencies are usually different, that is why for each one, we provide you with one of our experts, who will attend and customize your case according to your needs.

DMC Barcelona: The best prices

As it is a completely personalized service, it is possible to give our clients the best possible prices, looking for an exact balance and in which everyone involved feels comfortable.

DMC Barcelona: Guaranteed Quality

A service performed by true professionals, demonstrating quality in the attention and total knowledge of what is being done. At each point of your trip you can count on the reservation of the best hotels, the best beaches and vehicles for your transfers.

DMC Barcelona: Why choose us?

We are specialists in what we do, we provide the best advice to travel agencies, giving the most appropriate support for the development of the trip of their customers. We guarantee our work and we fully comply with our clients’ requests.

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