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Girona is the capital of tourism in Spain and the world, a small city full of charming streets, monuments, museums, historical sites to visit, the best thing is that it can be visited at any time of the year. Girona Private Tours offers various types of private tours and activities to get to know every point of interest of this spectacular city.

We have highly qualified professional staff to serve each of our customers, offering various high quality services, we have vehicles with expert drivers on the road to make your visit in Girona the most pleasant.

Offers of private tours in Girona available

At Barcelona Private Tours, we offer a wide variety of excursions led by one of our experts, which you can book and customize to your liking, we invite you to select the one of your preference and contact our experts.

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Girona Private Tours; What to see and do?

Girona is a city with great attractions, each of our private tours in Girona are focused on showing the main points of interest, among which we highlight:


THE LION MARKET (Mercat del Lleó)

It is the municipal market of Girona, a typical market with special importance of local products and fresh produce. Since 1994 it hosts a total of 60 stalls of various types: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, groceries… The great chefs of the city regularly visit the market to buy quality products.



Continuing along the edge of the river, we reach the Plaza de la Independencia, with a neoclassical portico center of all the activity, with a number of restaurants. In the center we will observe the monument Girona 1809 of 1894 and dedicated to the defenders of the city in the war between Spain and the French Empire.


The Força Vella has its origins in Roman times, because in this street a powerful wall was forged 2000 years ago, with a triangular perimeter, a kind of acropolis. The wall was formed by walls built with large stone ashlars. The perimeter was not practically unaltered until the year 1000.

call de girona


We will enter the heart of the Força Vella which was home to the Jews for 500 years. This set of streets and alleys is called “CALL” which comes from the Hebrew Qahal (Community). And it is the word used in Catalonia to name the various Jewish neighborhoods. In particular, it is one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the world.


The cathedral of Santa Maria de Girona is the most spectacular icon of the city, it is located at the highest point of the city. The cathedral is accessed by stairs made famous by the series “GAMES OF TRONS”. Its origin dates back to the eleventh century, although it has had several extensions and renovations until the eighteenth century with the succession of artistic styles.


The misnamed “Arab Baths” were actually Romanesque baths, built in 1194, copying Muslim models of the time. Located in the heart of La Forza Vella. The baths are distributed in five enclosures: Changing rooms (apodyterium), the cold room (frigidarium), warm room (tepidarium) and the hot room (caldarium), Furnace and boiler (furnus).

muralla girona


The walls are the result of the boom that the city experienced during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, where the Roman walls were expanded. The conservation of the walls has made it possible to create a walkway, which surrounds part of the old town. In particular, part of the wall concentrates the longest section of Carolingian wall in Europe (9th century). At the eastern end of the ramparts, you can cross the Place du Vin,


Also known as houses of the River or hanging houses, have the facades overlooking the river Onyar in the section of the Rambla and Argentería street in the Old Quarter of Girona. The bridges of the river Onyar, which crosses the entire city, and the photogenic images offered by the houses painted in different colors, with the cathedral in the background.

Girona Private Tours: Types of Tours we do

Our mission is to fill your trip with incredible experiences and unforgettable memories. How can we do it? By putting at your disposal a wide range of private tours Girona that you will not be able to miss:

Tailor-made Girona Private Tours

Together with the advice of our experts you will be able to customize the tours according to the activities or routes that you want in your trip. Our tours are fully adaptable to the needs of each client.

girona grupos pequeños

Private Tours Girona for small groups

Barcelona Private Tours is the best option for small group tours. Visit the various iconic places of Girona in a comfortable and safe way with our services.

Private Tours Girona for large groups

We offer various services for large groups of travelers who wish to tour this beautiful city. Our staff is highly qualified to meet every customer’s needs.


Private Luxury Tours Girona

Enjoy a private trip to Girona with a personal guide and luxury round-trip transportation from Barcelona.

Girona Private Tours by Car

We have a large fleet of vehicles to enjoy your trip in Girona, our expert drivers will take you to every corner of the city safely.


Girona Private Walking Tours

Walking tours are the best option to enjoy each of the characteristic places of this small capital of tourism. We offer the best alternatives for a complete tour.

Where can we pick you up for our Private Tours in Girona?

In Barcelona Private Tours our main commitment is to meet all the needs and demands of each client, therefore, we offer our pick up service at hotels, airports, or in the surroundings of Girona to facilitate the transfer in a more comfortable way, we have expert drivers on the road.


Types of vehicles available for use in the Girona Private Tour

We have a large and diverse fleet of vehicles, adaptable and capable of transferring travelers to different parts of the area, whether for large groups, families, couples. Among the options of vehicles in our fleet we have:

Girona private tours in SUV type vehicle

We have available NISSAN QASHQAI, or TOYOTA RAV4, among other options of sport and utility vehicles that provide comfort and safety to passengers during their stay in Girona.


Girona Private Tours in Sedan Type Vehicle

Comfortable and spacious vehicles, with a classic, refined and elegant look, ideal for small groups of up to three travelers, ask for yours on your next private tour.

Minivan Mercedes Clase V

Girona Private Tours in Minivan Class V

This type of vehicle gives your trip a touch of luxury. They are spacious, comfortable and of high elegance, being versatile when traveling in large groups of people.

Girona Private Tours in Luxury Vehicles

Our fleet includes vehicles with excellent guarantees such as a Mercedes Benz S Class. Comfortable and elegant vehicles with a maximum capacity of up to 3 people, enjoy your private guided tour in a distinguished car.

Languages we can offer with our private tours Girona

The languages we offer for the tours are the following: Spanish, English, German, Italian, Italian, Portuguese and Sign Language. Ask for our translator guide services.

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