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In Barcelona Private Tours, we are a leading company in the area of private transfer services and rental of any type of vehicle that is required, but particularly, there is a type of car that is considered a luxury vehicle, with a capacity of seats greater than the conventional and that allows to move from point to point a large group of people, comfortably and safely for everyone, and it is the Mercedes V-Class. Rent Mercedes V-Class Barcelona

We carry out the Mercedes Benz V-Class Minivan rental service in the city of Barcelona, to all types of people, whether you visit the city with family or friends and need to simultaneously move the whole group, definitely, this is your ideal vehicle.

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Rent Mercedes V-Class Barcelona: Characteristics of the vehicle

As we have already mentioned, this type of vehicle has outstanding features, which definitely make your transfers a real luxury, among the main characteristics of this type of car are:


Modern Design
The Mercedes V-Class has a very modern design and that in sight turns out to be very attractive to the eye. Its extraordinary exterior design blends perfectly with its interior design, which offers the expected comfort

Comfort Guaranteed
Its interior design is properly thought out to offer each traveler the comfort expected for a long trip. In each seat of the Mercedes V-Class minivan, you will find enough space to travel comfortably.

Interior Variable
Initially it is designed for three rows of seats, but thanks to its variability, this allows to change, this is because it has retractable seats, in order to adjust the space to what is needed at the moment.

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Types of services we offer for Rent Mercedes V-Class Barcelona

We currently offer two types of services, which perfectly covers the needs of our customers, according to their requirements, the types of services we offer are:

Rent Mercedes V-Class Barcelona with Driver
If it is your first time in the city or if you want to move around the city without having to worry about the road, this is the ideal service for you, since during your service, you will have a professional behind the wheel, in charge of taking you to your destination, safely and efficiently.

Rent Mercedes V-Class Barcelona without Driver
Do you want to get around the city at your own pace? In Barcelona Lands we give you the opportunity to book one of our Mercedes V class and have it driven by you, thus having the opportunity to enjoy and know the routes of Barcelona from the driver’s seat.

Where can you make the Mercedes V-Class Barcelona Rental?

There are different points of the city, including its surroundings, from where you can book one of our vehicles, these are:

Rent Mercedes V-Class in Barcelona
Make the reservation of one of our luxury minivan mercedes class V and pick it up from any of the available points, either from Barcelona airport, anywhere in the city, Sants railway station, among others.

Rent Mercedes V-Class Girona
Book with us your minivan and enjoy touring the main points of interest of Girona and the Costa Brava, pick up your rental vehicle anywhere in Girona or at the airport itself if it is the case of your arrival in the province.

Rent Mercedes V-Class Tarragona
We have a headquarters in Tarragona, which you can have to rent one of our Mercedes class v, we have a large fleet for your free choice, visit our website and discover the advantages of this service in Tarragona.

Here’s an overview of the common features that you could expect in a Mercedes V-Class:


Elegant Design:

The Mercedes V-Class is known for its modern and elegant design, with aerodynamic lines
and a distinctive Mercedes-Benz grille. accordion content area

LED Lights:

Equipped with high-tech LED front and rear lights that not only provide a
Excellent lighting also give it a modern and sophisticated look.

Alloy Wheels:

Usually equipped with high-quality alloy wheels that add a touch of
Elegance to the vehicle.

Darkened Crystals

For greater privacy and comfort, all our V-Class windows are equipped with crystals
darkened that also help keep the interior cool.

Exterior Color:

All our passenger vans stand out for their elegant black color, which provides
A touch of distinction and modernity.


Wide Space:

The V-Class is known for its ample interior space, being able to accommodate between 7 and 8 passengers.

Leather Seats

All our V Class have leather upholstery and interiors covered with High quality materials, including leather and wood or metal trim.

Information System:

Equipped with an advanced GPS navigation and information system, Bluetooth connectivity and, on some models, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Powerful Engine

Depending on the model, it can be equipped with a powerful motor that provides a Excellent combination of performance and fuel efficiency.

Smooth Transmission

All our V-Class have an automatic transmission that provides Smooth ride and comfortable ride.


Equipped with various driver assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control, Lane keeping assistance, and blind spo monitoring. It has multiple airbags to protect occupants in the event of a collision. Rear View Camera: To facilitate parking and reversing, it usually has A rearview camera that provides a clear view of what’s behind the vehicle.


Dual Zone Air Conditioning

It allows passengers to adjust the temperature according to their individual preferences.

Comfortable Seats:

The seats are designed to provide a high level of comfort, even on long journeys. Some models offer seats with power adjustment and memory function.

Sound Insulation:

The V-Class has excellent sound insulation, ensuring a quiet cab even at high speeds.

Types of vehicles available:

Opel 9 seats rental in Barcelona

Opel Vivaro rental in Barcelona

Equipment, seats and luggage

  • Includes air conditioning
  • 5 Doors
  • 9 Seats
  • Manual transmission

Volkswagen 9 seats rental in Barcelona

VW CARAVELLA rental in Barcelona

Equipment, seats and luggage

  • Includes air conditioning
  • 5 Doors
  • 9 Seats
  • Black Van


Mercedes V Class rental in Barcelona

Mercedes 8 seats rental in Barcelona

Equipment, seats and luggage

  • Includes air conditioning
  • Leather seats 
  • Darkned windows
  • Browse
  • 5 doors
  • 8 seats

Mercedes Vito rental 9 seats Barcelona

Mercedes Vito rental 9 seats in Barcelona

Equipment, seats and luggage

  • Includes air conditioning
  • 5 Doors
  • 9 Seats

Specialized Barcelona Van Rental Services

We have a variety of rental services that are perfectly adapted to the needs of each client, among the main ones we have:

Minivan rental with driver in Barcelona

We offer minivan rental service with driver in Barcelona, ​​for companies, travelers or individuals. Enjoy your trip fully, without worries and with the confidence of an expert behind the wheel.

9 seats van rental without driver Barcelona

We offer our clients a quality service, we have the best fleet of vehicles in the city. Drive a car that provides comfort to all travelers. Contact our team.

One Way International Van

Do you want to make a transfer to any of the countries we have available? Without having to worry about having to return the vehicle. At Barcelona Private Tours we have what you need. Find out what is needed, contact us.


Luxury van rental Barcelona

Rental of high-end, comfortable and safe vehicles. We have Mercedes V class, with personalized rates according to the route or service; be served by our knowledgeable experts.

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