What to see in Besalú?: See the main points of interest

In Barcelona Private Tours, we highly recommend a tour of this wonderful medieval village and if you visit the Costa Brava, you can not miss Besalu, which is a town with great medieval history. The best way to tour Besalu is by the hand of one of our experts, one of our tours on our Costa Brava Private Tours page is the best way to get a complete visit, where we will take you to visit:

Church of San Vicente de Besalú

One of the places with more Romanesque history in Besalú, built in the thirteenth century the church retains different ancient elements that tells part of the history of the church. It is a real gem that you can not miss on your visit. On a tour of the church we can see the Gothic tomb of Pere de Rovira, all kinds of decorative elements that adorn this ancient church in a great way.

Viejo Bridge in Besalú

A must visit in Besalú, built in the XII century, this bridge allowed to cross the Fluvia river and was the main entrance to this medieval town. Due to the passage of time, this bridge has been restored several times, the most significant was undoubtedly after the civil war, which destroyed up to two of its arches at the time. When you visit it, we recommend you to have your camera ready to capture the exact moment of what will be an unforgettable visit.

Old Jewish Quarter

After crossing the bridge, you can visit one of the best preserved Jewish neighborhoods to date; walk through its cobblestone streets full of incredible history. A route recommended by our experts to get to know its streets better is to walk from the Calle del Pont Vell to meet the stairs of the Calle del Mestre Abraham des Catllar, and then continue along the Calle Rocafort, at the end of the route you will see the chair sculptures, which are simply amazing and that at the time were created by artists from Girona and Italy in 1994.

Do not miss it, and enjoy this tour, guided by one of our experts.

The Mikvé

This interesting place in Besalú is used even today by men and women for all kinds of Judaism rituals. Discovered in 1964, just below the remains of the ancient synagogue, these 12th century baths are spread all over the country (Spain), but where they are best preserved today is in Besalú.

Sant Pere de Besalú Monastery

Located in the Plaza Prat de Sant Pere, is the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere, which was built in the tenth century, is one of the most historic places in Besalú that you should definitely visit. From the first moment you will be surprised by its old facade, preserved to this day, in this facade highlights its two large windows, both with the image of two lions, which represents the protection of the monastery. At the same point where the monastery is located, it is possible to visit other very interesting points of interest such as: Casa Llaudes or Casa Cornellà.


This is a particular museum dedicated to the circus of Europe, it is definitely a place to see in Besalú. On your visit you will be able to contemplate the 250 years of history of the modern circus. In addition, you will be able to observe the more than 1000 pieces that are in the place.

What to see in Besalú?: Fluvía River

Another interesting thing to do in Besalú, is to take a nice walk along the banks of the Fluvía River, from the shore you can have an unbeatable view of the bridge, so we recommend you to have your camera ready. There are different paths which you can use to enjoy the tour and along the way you can find other interesting historical elements of Besalú.

What to see in Besalú?: La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

Visit this incredible natural park and make one of the routes with a local expert. Marvel at one of the most impressive volcanic landscapes in Europe; with more than 40 volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows, it is unique and impressive.

What to see in Besalú: Location map of the points of interest in Besalú

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