Puente Tibetano Andorra

Puente Tibetano Andorra; Second longest bridge in the world!

Andorra has a new tourist attraction for adventurers who are not afraid of heights! The Puente Tibetano Andorra has been inaugurated; Second-longest bridge in the world, specifically in the parish of Canillo, this infrastructure has 603 meters long and an elevation of 158 meters above Vall del Riu. Barcelona Pivate Tours offers you the best private tours andorra barcelona and the best experiences for you to enjoy a unique place in history.

This bridge is designed to be crossed by people of all ages because it is extremely safe, it can only be crossed on foot, going up from Canillo with the official bus, located at 1875 meters high, it is one meter wide and this allows the passage of people in both directions of travel, since the route is designed to go and return by the same route.

Andorra Private Tours takes you to know the

Puente Tibetano de Canillo in Andorra

One of the most impressive new attractions of the principality that awaits you this summer, besides being the second-longest suspension bridge in the world, it reaches a maximum height of 158 meters above the ground. Andorra Private Tours takes you to see this impressive bridge!

Suspension bridge that many are afraid to cross...

The bridge was inaugurated at the beginning of June, located in the parish of Canillo. From it, you can enjoy fascinating views of the Vall del Riu. You can only cross it on foot. Thus, the options for the visit are to go by bus from the Palau de Gel de Canillo or walk to it from the parking of the Mirador del Roc del Quer. However, it is also possible to walk from the parish along a 45-minute route.

The schedule of the Tibetan bridge of Canillo changes depending on the month of the year, it will be open to the public from June to November.

– Individual entrance: 12 euros
– Children up to 12 years old: 9 euros
– Youth card / Magna card: 9 euros
– Children up to 5 years old: free
– Residents of Andorra: 9 euros


Access to the bridge can only be made by bus from Canillo or from the Mirador del roc del quer parking lot.
It is necessary to take the following recommendations, as you will be in a high environment:

– Environment with great natural wealth. Respect the flora and fauna
– Changeable weather; if there are strong winds, access will most likely be closed.
– Appropriate clothing and footwear for a mountain environment
– Caution along the trail (gully areas at some points not marked out)
– The entire path is two-way, as well as the Tibetan Bridge of Canillo, with all pedestrians sharing the same path.

Visit this spectacular attraction and enjoy the incredible views it offers.

For more information at the tourist office of Canillo, tel. (+376) 753 600 and email vdc@canillo.ad. Or access the following link

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