Luxury Van Hire Barcelona

We offer luxury van rental service Barcelona in our Mercedes class V, during the 365 days of the year.

At Barcelona Private Tours we offer an ideal service for special events (weddings, communions) or group and association trips (music, dance, among others). At the time of acquiring this service you can enjoy a luxury van such as the Mercedes V class for passengers with full luggage. Live the experience of traveling with family or friends.

Each of the V-class Mercedes available in our fleet offers plenty of space for luggage or even sports equipment. They feature spacious interiors, state-of-the-art in-cabin entertainment systems, cutting-edge driving and safety technology and superior comfort.

Reserve quickly and easily by being attended by our group of professional experts, highly oriented to customer service. Contact us and reserve without setbacks. Contact us.


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Characteristics of our Luxury Van Hire Barcelona service

We let you know the main characteristics of our service and those that differentiate us from the rest:

Total attention in the Rental Van Barcelona

At the time of hiring the service you will have personalized attention from our professionals; they are attentive to serve you 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

Service with or without driver

If you want to drive one of our spectacular vehicles during your trip or transfer, you can do it without problems or otherwise you can count on an expert who knows the routes.

Variety of services

We have multiple service options, which you can have without problems, such as: transfer services to and from the airport, ONE WAY service, among others. Contact us.

Barcelona Luxury Vans Rental: Mercedes V Class

Ideal luxury van for passengers, this has a maximum capacity of up to 8 seats, available with up to three different lengths, depending on the customer’s needs. Vehicle made to give convenience and comfort during the trip. Requested by our clients for Private Tours Barcelona, for companies that wish to transport a group to any event, congress, among others. The interior of the Mercedes V-Class has a design similar to that of other vehicles of the brand, and stands out for its quality. All Mercedes V-Class have an automatic engine stop and start system.

Barcelona Luxury Vans Rental: Characteristics of the Mercedes V-Class

At first glance you can appreciate the comfort inside, giving a Premium environment in each of its details; Its side-opening doors and huge windows stand out, especially the rear panoramic one, located in a fully opening gate. The seats are anchored on rails, allowing the seats to be accommodated in various ways according to need.

Dimensions of the Mercedes V-Class vehicle:

  • Length: 5.14 meters
  • Width: 1.93 meters (without mirrors)
  • Height: 1.88 meters
  • Wheelbase: 3.20 meters
  • Seats: 7

Specialized Barcelona Van Rental Services

We have a variety of rental services that are perfectly adapted to the needs of each client, among the main ones we have:

Minivan rental with driver in Barcelona

We offer minivan rental service with driver in Barcelona, ​​for companies, travelers or individuals. Enjoy your trip fully, without worries and with the confidence of an expert behind the wheel.

9 seats van rental without driver Barcelona

We offer our clients a quality service, we have the best fleet of vehicles in the city. Drive a car that provides comfort to all travelers. Contact our team.

One Way International Van

Do you want to make a transfer to any of the countries we have available? Without having to worry about having to return the vehicle. At Barcelona Private Tours we have what you need. Find out what is needed, contact us.


Luxury van rental Barcelona

Rental of high-end, comfortable and safe vehicles. We have Mercedes V class, with personalized rates according to the route or service; be served by our knowledgeable experts.

Luxury Van Hire Barcelona: Advantages of the service with Driver

In addition to enjoying an excellent vehicle such as the Mercedes V class, we will let you know the main advantages of hiring our service with a driver:

Luxury and Comfort

You will be able to enjoy the journey from beginning to end, knowing that behind the wheel will be an expert who knows the routes; just sit back and enjoy your ride.

No responsibility for the vehicle

If you have an accident or a hit with the car, you will not be responsible for it, since you will not be the driver, nor the one who has the mishap, the company will take care of it.

Always on time

We guarantee punctuality in all your appointments or meetings. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you don’t have to look at the clock, because we do it for you.

Why choose us for luxury Van Hire Barcelona?

At Barcelona Lands we are leaders when it comes to performing this service, we guarantee our work. We offer personalized rates adapted to the route or service you book. In addition to having a large fleet of high-end vehicles; You can count on direct attention from our experts. Booking with us is extremely simple and fast. Do not wait any longer and contact us.

What is needed to rent a luxury van hire Barcelona?

Making the reservation is very simple and there are few requirements for this process, only the following requirements are required:

  • Be a minimum of 21 years of age
  • Original driver’s license with two years of issue
  • Valid credit card guarantee and ownership
  • Identification document or passport
  • Present a copy of your reservation coupon, this is a document issued by Barcelona Lands.

Types of vehicles available:

Opel 9 seats rental in Barcelona

Opel Vivaro rental in Barcelona

Equipment, seats and luggage

  • Includes air conditioning
  • 5 Doors
  • 9 Seats
  • Manual transmission

Volkswagen 9 seats rental in Barcelona

VW CARAVELLA rental in Barcelona

Equipment, seats and luggage

  • Includes air conditioning
  • 5 Doors
  • 9 Seats


Mercedes V Class Rental Barcelona

Luxury van with a more compact but elegant design, with a maximum capacity for 8 passengers, with three different seat lengths that allow it to be adapted to the needs of each client. It shares many characteristics with the Mercedes Vito, but what sets it apart is its sporty touches. Thanks to its versatility in the seats, it is possible to have more or less space for luggage. In addition, the vehicle has an automatic engine stop and start system.

Mercedes Vito rental 9 seats Barcelona

Mercedes Vito rental 9 seats in Barcelona

Equipment, seats and luggage

  • Includes air conditioning
  • 5 Doors
  • 9 Seats

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