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Make a visit to the mountain of Montserrat and enjoy the experience.

Visit Montserrat with our Private Tours Montserrat Barcelona service and discover all the secrets of this unique place with our experts in Barcelona Private Tours.


The mountain of Montserrat is one of the best places to visit in Barcelona, located more than 60 kilometers from the center of the city, it is definitely the most famous and well known of all, this for multiple reasons; one of them is its interesting appearance, and points of interest that are located there, these places that we mention over the years have witnessed multiple events and happenings that have occurred in this magical place. At Barcelona Private Tours, we highly recommend a visit to this mountain, as we consider it to be the perfect getaway from Barcelona that can be done in a single day.

About our service of Private Tours Montserrat Barcelona

We take you to know the Sacred Mountain of Montserrat, as it is also known. We organize private tours of all kinds, for all kinds of customers who wish to make a visit departing from Barcelona. In any of our available routes you will be able to discover some of the legends that have happened in the mountain. We make tours for small groups, large groups, with a route in any of our available cars; it is also possible to make any of our tours in the language of your preference.

Some of the things you will be able to see and do during the Private Tours Montserrat Barcelona

What makes a visit to the sacred mountain of Montserrat special? This is a very common question that many of our clients ask us and to which we answer: A private tour to the mountain of Montserrat, is an interesting adventure from start to finish, from the moment of pick up in Barcelona, the route is extraordinary, however, the most interesting thing about our trip is what we will see, some of the things you can see are:

Montserrat Monastery

It is undoubtedly the most important point of interest that we will take you to visit, the Monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat and is located at the beginning of the Plaza Santa Maria, has more than 1000 years of history and preserves its Gothic style in its traditional arches. It has a more than interesting interior, in which it is possible to see different modernist paintings of the presbytery, its impressive organ is one of the things that today are preserved in very good condition, in fact it is the largest in Catalonia.

Viewpoint of Montserrat

Although it is possible to see part of the mountain during the arrival to the same, the viewpoint of Montserrat offers visitors one of the best and most dazzling view of the mountain and the surrounding landscape. The viewpoint can be accessed very easily and that is why it is a very popular spot, but when you get there you must use the Sant Joan funicular.

The Moreneta of Montserrat

La Moreneta is the virgin of Montserrat, the 27th of April of each year is when it is celebrated and is a very special date to visit the mountain, is located inside the basilica, is a sculpture of the twelfth century in pure Romanesque style, to see it you must go around the side of the church, where we can see it.

Museum of Montserrat

Built at the end of 1930 and today is one of the national points of interest in Spain. Take a visit to the museum and enjoy the wide variety of paintings and antique collection, this museum has two rooms for temporary exhibitions.

Types of Montserrat Barcelona Private Tours available

We offer our clients different types of options, which can be perfectly adapted to our clients’ situation or requirements, the most outstanding ones are:

Private one-day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona

A full day is enough and the most recommended by our experts to enjoy the history and nature of Montserrat, from our departure from Barcelona you can enjoy the route and already in Montserrat our expert guide will be in charge of directing you to each and every one of the points of interest.

Private half day tour to Montserrat from Barcelona

If you are short on time, we recommend one of the half-day tours to Montserrat, which has enough time to visit some of the most interesting points of interest recommended by your assigned driver-guide, a good opportunity to make the most of your time.

Personalized private tour to Montserrat from Barcelona

Enjoy a tailor-made tour, in which you can select each and every detail for your private tour, select from the vehicle in which you will be transported, the time of the tour and even the places you prefer to visit on your visit to the mountain of Montserrat.

Private Tours Montserrat Barcelona in your native language

Our private tour service is directed to all types of clients, both national and international, since language is not a limitation; we have bilingual guides, trained to describe each of the points of interest in the language of your preference. Some of the languages from which our clients can select are: German, Portuguese, English, Italian, and Sign Language.

Private Tours Montserrat Barcelona: Pick up location

Each and every one of our private tours are departing from the city of Barcelona, the starting point is selected by our customers at the time of booking, either from your home, home, shopping center, point of common interest or any other meeting point, this will not be a problem, your assigned driver guide, will pick you up at the time assigned for your tour.

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