Snorkel Tours Costa Brava

Snorkel Tours Costa Brava: The Costa Brava is one of the best places in the world to practice what today is one of the most exciting and fun sporting and touristic practices that is possible to do in different ways, but always with the aim of knowing and discovering all the underwater life, which is the maximum expression of the fauna, of each of the main beaches and coves. We take you to do this practice, hand in hand with a real specialist; providing you with all the necessary materials for a safe and fun practice (goggles, snorkel and fins). We offer this incredible activity to all kinds of people; do not wait any longer and discover everything we have for you and book one of our private tours.

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Types of Snorkel Tours Costa Brava from Barcelona

At your disposal we have different types of private tours available, in which it is possible to practice this water sport, many of them designed for each client’s situation, to give you the best comfort, some of the main private tours are:

Customized Snorkel Tours Costa Brava

We offer services, completely personalized, which are possible to adapt according to the measure and requirements of those who request this type of services; enjoy the experience in the most convenient way for you and yours in the most popular beaches and coves of the Costa Brava.

Group snorkel tours Costa Brava

For some people, living the experience together with other people is much better. At Barcelona Private Tours we offer our clients the opportunity to join one of our private tours for groups of all kinds, from small groups of up to 9 people, to large groups of up to 15 people, led by our experts.

Combined Snorkel Tours Costa Brava

We organize private snorkeling tours, in which it is possible to combine with another of our private tours, either cultural, historical or gastronomic. We put at your disposal the most experienced experts, who will be in charge of advising and recommending the most outstanding tours, depending on the season of your trip.

Snorkel Tours Costa Brava en Family

We offer our customers, different family plans, among which you can choose to perform this type of practice with your family and / or friends; a totally exclusive activity in which our experts will be responsible for guiding you throughout the activity; activity directed for families with children over 8 years.

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What are the best places for Snorkel Tours Costa Brava from Barcelona?

As we have already mentioned, the Costa Brava is, in general, one of the best places in the world available for this type of activity; along it, there are very beautiful beaches and coves, which make snorkeling an incredible experience; some of the most popular places for this practice are:

Snorkel Tours in Blanes from Barcelona

In Blanes there is a small cove called Cala Forcanera, which today is very visited by many, many who particularly want to practice snorkeling, this cove can be reached by boat, is located under a cliff and is one of the most intimate, as it reaches very few people. In addition to the excitement of snorkeling, it is possible to enjoy a special view, worthy of admiration.

Snorkel Tours in Tossa de Mar

Visit Cala Bona, a beautiful cove located in the center of Tossa de Mar, full and surrounded by nature everywhere you look; despite its size, this beautiful cove is very visited by many tourists and locals who come to it not only to snorkel, but also, other water activities such as diving, swimming, or just to enjoy the sea and the good atmosphere.

Snorkeling Tours and Lloret de Mar

The Cala Morisca in Lloret de Mar, is another of the most exclusive places on the Costa Brava for snorkeling, despite being a place not well known to some, the Cala Morisca stands out for its cliffs and rocks, it can be reached on foot from the bay of Llorell. Enjoy its crystal clear waters and all the animal life while snorkeling.

Snorkel Tours in Cadaqués from Barcelona

Cadaqués is one of the most touristic and charming villages of the Costa Brava, in this place there is one of the most popular coves for snorkeling, this is the Cala Culleró. In it stand out its incredible rocks, some of them with a particular shape, which have even been inspiration for artistic works such as those of Salvador Dalí.

Snorkel Tours in L’Estartit from Barcelona

In L’Estartit is perfect for snorkeling and even more so in Cala Ferriol; despite being inaccessible by car, from certain points you can reach it on foot. Upon arrival you will find a beautiful place, full of crystal clear waters and rocks of particular shape and of different heights. In it there is no sand, there are many stones, something particular and that makes it stand out.

Snorkel Tours in Palamós from Barcelona

Una visita a la Cala Margarida en Palamós, hará que tu visita sea simplemente inolvidable; nuestros expertos te llevan a disfrutar de sus aguas y donde es posible combinar la actividad deportiva del Snorkel, con rutas gastronómicas, recorridos culturales y mucho más. Palamós es un destino que tiene mucho para ofrecer tanto a turistas como a locales.

Pick up location for your next Snorkel Tours Costa Brava

In Barcelona Private Tours, we offer our service of Snorkel tours Costa Brava with departures from Barcelona, making a pick up service from anywhere in the city, either from your hotel, home, commercial premises, point of interest, among others. We have the best vehicles and the most experienced guide-drivers to meet all the expected and required.

Available vehicles for the Snorkel Tours Costa Brava service from Barcelona

We have a wide and varied fleet of vehicles, which allows us to meet the demands and requirements of our customers and that we can perfectly adapt to different numbers of seats. Some of the most outstanding and requested are:


Snorkel Tours in Sedan Vehicle from Barcelona

If you are traveling with your family or in a small group of up to 4 people, our experts recommend a trip in sedan type vehicles, as they guarantee the safety and comfort of each passenger and are also a very elegant car for the eyes.

Snorkel Tours in Suv type vehicle from Barcelona

Enjoy your transfers to the Costa Brava in a suv type vehicle, cars that offer enough space for everyone, even if they travel with luggage. We have available NISSAN QASHQAI, or TOYOTA RAV4, among others.

Minivan Mercedes Clase V

Snorkel Tours in Minivan Class V from Barcelona

To cater for large groups, we have available in our fleet the Mercedes V Class minivan, this is one of the luxury vehicles, and it is also possible to adapt its seats according to the demands of the moment.

Snorkel Tours in Luxury Vehicles from Barcelona

For clients who require a higher degree of style and comfort, our fleet includes vehicles with excellent guarantees such as a Mercedes Benz S-Class. Maximum capacity of up to 3 people, enjoy your private guided tour in a car with a high degree of elegance.

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