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Discover the beautiful mountain scenery and culture of this country.

In Barcelona Private Tours we offer our services of Private Tours Andorra Barcelona, to enjoy nature.


Get to know and enjoy each and every one of the outdoor activities that you can do in Andorra; during our service we take you on very interesting tourist routes that will be the best way to get to know Andorra. In Barcelona Private Tours we have the experience, knowledge and all the necessary resources to make you live an unparalleled experience.

Offer of Private Tours Andorra Barcelona

You can choose any of the private tours we have available for you, each tour is fully customizable and combinable with any other, select the one of your preference:

Types of Private Tours Andorra Barcelona available

We are aware that each client is different, therefore, our experts are responsible for designing different types of private tours, to please and meet the expectations of each one, among the most prominent we have:

Customized Private Tours Andorra Barcelona

We offer private tours completely tailored to our clients, so that they can enjoy their experience in Andorra at their own pace, visiting the places they would like to visit and doing the activities of their choice.

Private Tours Andorra Barcelona on foot

We organize all kinds of private walking tours, designed to visit historical and cultural sites that are on the same route, and that with enough type it is possible to enjoy every detail that this beautiful country has to offer.

Private Tours Andorra Barcelona by car

We conduct complete private tours, in the comfort of one of our best vehicles of our fleet, whether you want a tour with family or friends, we have the resources to accommodate your requests regardless of the number of passengers.

Private Tours Andorra Barcelona for groups

Our experts take care of the preparation of all kinds of private tours directed and organized for groups of different sizes, join one of our small groups of no more than 9 people or if you wish to join larger groups of up to 15 people.

Luxury Private Tours Andorra Barcelona

We organize luxury tours in Andorra, in which we have prepared for our customers the best and most exclusive activities, from gastronomic tours to taste the flavors of the country and outdoor activities that you will love.

What to see during Private Tours Andorra Barcelona?

Andorra has a large number of places worth visiting, from unique historical sites, to beautiful small towns that a visit to the country must see, some of them are:

Pal, village of Andorra

It is definitely one of the most beautiful villages you should visit in Andorra, in this village it is possible to see the old stone or wooden houses, walking through its narrow and steep streets is a real pleasure, also in this village you can visit some of the Romanesque churches.

Fontaneda in Andorra

One of the most beautiful villages, but isolated from others in the country, but still retains the same charm as other more recognized, has some vineyards and forests and some of its streets are unpaved, some of the visits that can be done in this town is the church of Sant Miquel.

Santa Coloma

This village is located very close to Andorra la Vella, has a church that you should definitely visit at least once, is of pre-Romanesque origin, it highlights its tower of 18 meters high and inside is a pleasure to see all his paintings that are preserved there, another thing you can do is stroll through its cobbled streets of old style.

Os de Civís

Technically, this small village does not belong to Andorra, but, since the only way to access it is by one of the roads of Andorra, it is on our list, besides its style is very similar to the other villages of the country, it is very touristic and has several places to visit and some very good restaurants that you can visit.

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