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Girona is a destination with many nuances, full of places with a lot of history to visit, with a wide gastronomy, with a great variety of beaches and coves that are unmissable for those who visit it for the first time or on a regular basis. Girona is internationally known for being the capital of tourism in Spain, that is why we offer you our service Girona Tour in Arabic; a perfect service to enjoy in every possible way the charm of Girona.

With our service you can take a guided tour by a knowledgeable expert of the area and the best thing is that the whole tour is conducted in your language (Arabic). Discover all the types of tours we prepare and the right way to book the one of your preference.

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Girona Arab Tour: Types of tours available

There are different ways to enjoy Girona and in Barcelona Lands we offer different ways, which could be adapted to your requirements, here are some of the main types of tours we offer:

Girona Tour in personalized Arabic

We organize private tours of Girona with Arabic speaking guide to suit your requirements, we design for you, a tour in which you can select each of the details, from the places to visit, to the vehicle for your transfers.

Girona Arab Tour in small groups

Join one of our small groups and enjoy a tour, perfectly designed so that all participants can quietly enjoy the best of Girona, led by an Arabic-speaking expert. Contact our experts and make a reservation.

Girona Luxury Arabic Tour

Take one of our luxury tours of Girona, guided by one of our Arabic-speaking specialists, enjoy the gastronomy of the region and taste the most exclusive wines and tapas available to you, in addition to all the existing variety.

Private Arabic-speaking guide in Girona

It is important to note that in each of our services, you will be led by a specialist, who will be responsible for describing in detail, each and every one of the places you visit during the tour in the Arabic language.

Whether you make a tour on foot or by car, your assigned guide has the most extensive experience performing all types of routes, so you will not have to worry about the road, just enjoy it.

Girona Arab Tour: What will you see?

As we have already mentioned, Girona has many places to see that are definitely worth visiting on your tour, from historical monuments to charming villages. Some of the main places you will see or visit are:

The Catedral de Santa María

Walk up its 90 baroque-style steps in front of the cathedral, enjoy the view and take a picture of its particular facade. Upon entering, our guide will take you to its historical museum, also visit the gothic nave that is located there.

The Arab baths in Girona

The misnamed “Arab Baths” were actually Romanesque baths, built in 1194, copying Muslim models of the time. Located in the heart of La Forza Vella. The baths are distributed in five enclosures: Changing rooms (apodyterium), the cold room (frigidarium), the temperate room (tepidarium) and the hot room (caldarium), Furnace and boiler (furnus).

La Muralla in Girona

The walls are the result of the boom that the city experienced during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, where the Roman walls were extended. The conservation of the walls has allowed the creation of a promenade, which surrounds part of the old town.

Girona Arab Tour: Other destinations available for an Arabic tour

In Barcelona Private Tours, we do private tours with Arabic speaking guide, in different destinations of the country. Visit the most outstanding places in cities or provinces of Spain, whether you visit Girona, Tarragona, Madrid, some of the main destinations available for this service are:

Madrid Arab Tour

Montserrat Arab Tour

Spain Arab Tour

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We serve our customers in the best possible way, meeting the requirements of each one and offering the best solutions available to live a great experience.


We have a team of professionals widely experienced in each of the areas performed, from the moment we receive your call, until you are attended by your assigned guide.


We follow up with our clients from beginning to end, we are responsible for everything involved with your trip, giving you the best possible security from Barcelona Private Tours.

Girona Arab Tour: Cars available for the service

We put at your disposal our fleet of vehicles, so that you can select, depending on the number of people or the comfort you require; some of the vehicles available are:

Girona Arab Tour in Mercedes S class

For your luxury tours, we recommend one of our best vehicles, with capacity for up to three people, the Mercedes Benz S class, are today an option that reflects style and elegance.

Minivan Mercedes Clase V

Girona Arab Tour in Minivans

For large groups, we have a fleet of minivans of different models, from which you can select, either by model or by the number of seats needed for the whole group.

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